TechChicks radio 278 Sanne Dammers

 TechChicks Radioshow hosted by Sanne Dammers – 19:00 (CET)  It’s SEXY TIME tech-loving ladies, so put on your party glasses. Sanne Dammers will bring you into the weekend vibes by surprising you with infinitely tasty Tech House. Round up your girl squad and enjoy! APP:  https://tunein.com/radio/HouseLoversFM-s256888/   BROWSER: http://radioibiza.fm/radio/radio.html Also check our new collection of the TechChicks merch:https://techchicks.shop.nl […]

Mita radio 118 Benjamin Bryan

 Music is the Answer Radioshow hosted by Benjamin Bryan – 18:00 (CET) Music artist Benjamin Bryan surprises the audience over and over again with his sets. From Deep Tech & Minimal to pounding Tech House records. His second home is behind the turntables so expect this artist at his best, you won’t be able to […]

TechChicks radio 277 Rens Foxx

 TechChicks Radioshow hosted by Rens Foxx – 19:00 (CET)  A special pearl is more than ready for our radioshow of tonight. She’s brought a very rare collection go Tech House bangers with her especially for all tech lovers all over the globe. Please give it up for Rens Foxx & tune in at 07:00 PM! APP:  https://tunein.com/radio/HouseLoversFM-s256888/  […]

Mita radio 117 OSFA (One size fits all)

Music is the Answer Radioshow hosted bY OSFA – 18:00 (CET) OSFA (ONESIZEFITSALL), two friends with a mission: to share their love for good music with as many people as possible. That’s exactly why they reinforce each other behind the turntables and how they light up the room. So expect nothing less than the tastiest […]

TechChicks radio 276 Alicia Davis

 TechChicks Radioshow hosted by Alicia Davis – 19:00 (CET) Partyrockersss outt there, give it up for Alicia Davis. After her previous show, we couldn’t wait to offer her a stage again. Expect a hard set that will cut right through the sound, tune in at 07:00 PM! APP:  https://tunein.com/radio/HouseLoversFM-s256888/   BROWSER: http://radioibiza.fm/radio/radio.html Also check our new collection of the […]

Mita radio 116 Eli Samuel

 Music is the Answer Radioshow hosted by Eli Samuel- 18:00 (CET) Tonight we invite Eli Samuel for his first appearance on our radio show. His love for funk and groovy music goes beyond and that will be evident during his set. Nothing but good Tech House music, tune in at 06:00 PM. APP: https://tunein.com/radio/HouseLoversFM-s256888/  BROWSER: http://radioibiza.fm/radio/radio.html Also […]

TechChicks radio 275 Carsjall Laverne

 TechChicks Radioshow hosted by Carsjall Laverne – 19:00 (CET) Tech lovin’ ladies, it’s time to bring out the weekend vibes. Pop your bottles and raise your glass for this week’s artist Carsjall Laverne. Keep in mind that there is no better way to kickoff your weekend with some Tech House bangers, get ready! APP:  https://tunein.com/radio/HouseLoversFM-s256888/   BROWSER: http://radioibiza.fm/radio/radio.html Also […]

Mita radio 175 Gianni Don Carlo

 Music is the Answer Radioshow hosted by Gianni don Carlo- 18:00 (CET) Tonight we invite Gianni don Carlo behind the 1’s and 2’s. After several performances, his arts have not escaped our notice. Feel free to turn up the volume a bit because this will be a wonderful electronic set. APP: https://tunein.com/radio/HouseLoversFM-s256888/  BROWSER: http://radioibiza.fm/radio/radio.html Also check our […]

TechChicks radio 274 Aiyana May

 TechChicks Radioshow hosted by Aiyana May – 19:00 (CET) Get ready for our well-known electronic musical talent, Aiyana May. After several shows, we just can’t get enough of this young talented lady. She keeps on bringing the tastiest electronic bangers to the table. We want more so tune in at 07:00 PM!  APP:  https://tunein.com/radio/HouseLoversFM-s256888/   BROWSER: http://radioibiza.fm/radio/radio.html Also check […]

Mita radio 114 Mounts

 Music is the Answer Radioshow hosted by MOUNTS- 18:00 (CET) Hold up, Hold up! Give our newcomer MOUNTS a warm welcome. This superstar may be young, but his spinning techniques don’t lie. Especially for us, he prepared a fish mix where the best of both (digital & vinyl) worlds come together, a mix filled up […]