TechChicks radio 273 Jill Kleinjan

 TechChicks Radioshow hosted by Jill Kleinjan – 19:00 (CET) Music brings people together, that’s why Jill Kleinjan loves it so much. So bring out all you Tech loving ladies together for a full hour of bangers. Don’t miss out & tune in at 07:00 PM APP:  https://tunein.com/radio/HouseLoversFM-s256888/   BROWSER: http://radioibiza.fm/radio/radio.html Also check our new collection of the TechChicks merch:https://techchicks.shop.nl […]

Mita radio 113 Royko

 Music is the Answer Radioshow hosted by Royko- 18:00 (CET) Pump up the jam for big boy Royko. He can’t be beaten behind the turntables and practice his arts on a daily basis. Tune in for nothing but the best electronic music at 06:00 PM! APP: https://tunein.com/radio/HouseLoversFM-s256888/ Also check our new collection of the MITA merch:https://musicistheanswer.shop/  […]

TechChicks radio 271

 TechChicks Radioshow hosted by So Riel – 19:00 (CET) This power chick is an original of the scene. Since way back you can find her in our beloved rave cultured where she explored and developed her talent. We are talking about years of practice, and you guys are the lucky ones who can tune in at […]

Mita radio 111 Karimun

 Music is the Answer Radioshow hosted by Karimun- 18:00 (CET) Party people it’s time to relax after a week full of grinding. Karimun is therefore helping you guys out with some spintastic electronic flavor. What an amazing start of your weekend right? Tune in at 06:00 PM APP: https://tunein.com/radio/HouseLoversFM-s256888/  BROWSER: http://radioibiza.fm/radio/radio.html Also check our new collection of […]

TechChicks radio 270 Beautifique

 TechChicks Radioshow hosted by Beautifique – 19:00 (CET) B to the EAUTIFUL, that’s our superstar of tonight for sure. A beauty with beats is another way to describe her. The sound where she differentiates herself is groovy Tech House, Bass House with a touch of Techno. Get ready for a magical set, tune in at 07:00 […]

Mita radio 110 Boy Miguel

 Music is the Answer Radioshow hosted by Boy Miguel – 18:00 (CET)Amsterdam is taking over tonight, give it up for Boy Miguel 🏼 Music and dance flows naturally from his inner self. Therefore don’t be surprised if you caught yourself in the moment. Get enchanted by groovy minimal and classic house tracks in combination with his […]

TechChicks radio 269 Lola Flores

 TechChicks Radioshow hosted by Lola Flores – 19:00 (CET) TechChica’s let’s bring some fire to the table. Tonight Lola Flores is more than ready to serve you nothing but the best Tech and Afro House. In short, the best meal to start the weekend with. If you’re familiar with our weekly radioshow, that’s reason enough not […]

Mita radio 109 Armand Bakker

 Music is the Answer Radioshow hosted by Armand Bakker – 18:00 (CET) Tonight we invite a talented local to host our weekly radioshow. Therefore we welcome Armand Bakker with open arms. What can you expect? An hour full of Tech House where sitting still is not an option. So you know what to do tune […]

TechChicks radio 267 Eva Dollart

 TechChicks Radioshow hosted by Eva Dollart – 19:00 (CET) A very special guest is hosting the radioshow of tonight. Eva Dollart has a hearing disability but her passion for music didn’t stop her from following her dreams. She describes her sound in three letters, D.R. I.  which stands for Dark Raw Industrial combined with vocal elements […]

Mita radio 107 Nigel Lord

 Music is the Answer Radioshow hosted by Nigel Lord – 18:00 (CET) Oh LORD, it’s finally Friday!!! Nigel Lord is more then ready to raise those summer vibes with a spectacular radioshow session. Turn your volume up and a notch and enrich yourself with a mix consisting of Tech House, House and Deep House. APP: https://tunein.com/radio/HouseLoversFM-s256888/  […]