Les Insoumises

A first duo women dj/producer from Morocco !

Originally from Casablanca, two passionate music Underground and Deep Tech combine to put even more fire on Moroccan dance floors . After discovering their musical tastes in common , Samar and Kayza , two beautiful Party Girls 28 years Throttle together for almost a year on stage and do not hesitate to show their ardor with great passion for music. Despite all the societal and religious barriers they face in Morocco , they do not give up. They work tirelessly night as a Disc Jockey or ” Djettes ” in discos , pubs and enliven the evening public , private as well as cultural and artistic events . Before you take the plunge and make their core business , they worked only in private parties. At 20 years , Khansaa alias Kayza already producing electronic music for short films in Canada and was the first Moroccan woman to play 12 ” Free party ” in Goa electronic festival in India and two in Shambhala festival in Turkey. ” L’INSOUMISE” Symbolic and feminist, choice of stage name is no coincidence . Through this nickname reveals something they would like to convey a message of tolerance, freedom and respect for women. It is also a way to enforce their rights in society and promote a positive and modern image of Moroccan women . ” Be yourself and do what you love, this is our main motto ,” they say . Independent , liberal and emancipated , they have managed to get a place in the world of music in Morocco thanks to the support of those rare people who defend the woman and art, as well as those who appreciate music Their projects ? Simultaneously, “The rebellious ” have created a group open only to women who join together to organize cultural and artistic events , and where each of them would contribute in its own way , according to her profession or expertise . They also plan to organize parties whose profits will be donated to women’s groups. It is mainly through the Underground and Deep Techno music that Samar and Kayza go into trance but by mixing all genres and reinventing others they ignite the catwalk and dance floors